Esto lo saqué del CES, que es la feria de consumo electrónico en los states.

La onda de los blogs, está llegando lejos…flogs, vlogs, qué viene después?

Release Your Inner Tom Brokaw

By Steve Enders

on Sat Jan 7, 2:48 PM ET


 Just because we’re blogging CES doesn’t mean that everyone knows what a blog is. In fact, I’ve run into a couple folks at the show (who shall remain nameless) who don’t know what blogs are. So, it’s no secret that vlogs, or video blogs, are an even bigger mystery to the content-consuming masses.

That said, a tiny booth manned by one guy from Serious Magic stuck in the back corner of the massive South Hall caught my attention with its innovative vlogging software. It’s not so much a vlogging creation tool (well, actually it is, but more about that in a sec) as much as a fully packaged digital television news production studio that’s incredibly easy to use.

It goes like this. You type your script, load it into a teleprompter emulator, snap any streaming video camera to the top of your PC, and blammo! You’re an instant talking head.

But wait, there’s more! You can add any number of preloaded backgrounds or insert your own to create your own pro-looking news studio, add graphics, other video clips for voice-overs, and much more. You set how you want the video to display using Real or Windows, and it all outputs to one chunk of HTML that you can insert into virtually any blogging application, from Moveable Type to Blogger. Voila: you’re competition for Anderson Cooper.

On my way out of the South Hall, I bumped into Creative‘s massive booth, which was displaying the Vlog It! software prominently with its PC cameras. A line of about 30 people deep was waiting to create vlogs. I saw a demo with a Creative camera, but Serious Magic’s John Felts says as long as Windows can see the camera, then so can the Vlog It! software. Are you ready to vlog it?