To begin with an elementary distinction: a society is a conflomeration of people joined together for certain aims; while you, who write in your own person with your own hand are single.  You the individual are a man whom we have reason to respect; a man of the brotherhood, to which, as biography proves, many brothers have belonged. thus Anne Clough, describing her brother, says: ‘Arthur is my best friend and adviser…Arthur is the comfort and joy of my life; it is for him, and from him, that I am incited to seek after all theat is lovely and of good report.  To which William Wordsworth, speaking of his sister but answering the other as if one nightingale called to another in the forests of the past, replies:
“The Blessing of my later years
Was with me when a Boy:
She gave me eyes, she gave me ears;
And humble cares, and delicate fears;
A heart, the fountain of sweet tears;
And love, and thought, and joy.”
(Three Guineas, Virginia Woolf)
Por qué tanto resentimiento entre hombres y mujeres?  Por qué esta distancia que nos separa el uno del otro?  Si comprendiéramos que juntos podemos llegar a lugares remotos, a sensaciones nunca pensadas, a caminos más lindos.  Hombre y mujer, sin luchas ridículas sobre quién tiene más poder, sobre quién es más o menos.  Virginia Woolf cuestionaba estos asuntos en el siglo 19.  Todavía hoy, en pleno siglo 21 estamos preguntándonos esto mismo.  Por qué no aceptar las diferencias y partir para la acción en duplas?