I was reading a review on Murakami’s latest book 1Q84 and found it very inspiring for all of us, the ones who really appreciate the powers that a great book can bring to our lives and to our selfs. I don’t know about you, but the connection I feel with great books is so powerful I feel like part of another world.  I feel it in my skin.  I feel in the way may brain thinks.  I feel it.  Many times I find myself wondering in the fields of these plural realities, only known by the ones who have the key.  Once you open the doors there is no go back.  I thank every day for my eyes.  If I weren’t able to see (and I mean SEE), life would certainly be a lot less interesting and beautiful. 
An excerpt of the review and the review itself: 

 “I also thought about all the hours I’d spent reading 1Q84, and suddenly it seemed clear why it had been a worthwhile way to spend my time: When life wears us down, great fiction gives us back our human shape.”

Read more here: http://www.themillions.com/2011/11/reading-1q84-the-case-for-fiction-in-a-busy-life.html