When the bartender brought him a meny and a warm towel, the man ordered a Scotch highball without looking at the menu.  “Do you prefer a certain brand?” the bartender asked.  “Not really,” the man said.  “Anything will be fine.”  He had a calm, quiet voice and spoke with a soft Kansai accent.  Then, as if it had just occurred to him, he asked if they had Cutty Sark.  the bartender said they did.  Not bad, thought Aomame.  She liked the fact that he had not chosen Chivas Regal or some sophisticated single malt.  It was her personal view that people who are overly choosy about the drinks they order in a bar tend to be sexually bland.  She had no idea why this should be so.

1Q84, chapter 5, Aomame, A Profession Requiring specialized techniques and training.

As Aomame, I do believe these overly choosy people are kind of weird and not so trustworthy.  Why can’t people keep it simple and avoid all this “strike a pose” thing?