So the old saying goes.  There is always a bright side in every situation.  I’ve always wanted to travel that way and make this my personal motto.  That’s how Bradley Cooper’s character wanted to live after spending 8 months in a mental institution because of his bipolarity condition.  He wanted to grab life with both his hands but life was not ready for it.  Fear, anger, the unsolved past, a family that fought with all kinds of situations and conflicts.  Silver Lining Playbook is a moving story about love, caring, craziness, forgiving and accepting people the way they are.  Everybody is a little screwed up mentally and we are not here to judge anybody.  So….I loved the movie!  And loved the acting.  Bradley Cooper was such an amazing surprise!  Jennifer Lawrence is sexy and sooooo talented! Robert De Niro is moving (makes me cry just remembering his role as a dear father).  Jacki Weaver, who plays Pat’s mom, was superb!  Music by Danny Elfman.  No need to say more.  Period!