I love the way Haruki Murakami writes.  That’s no news.  Everybody who knows me well, knows he is always present in my posts, present in my shelf, present on my bedside table.  His novels have made me travel to faraway places, imagined unbelievably weird orgasms, made me acquainted to so many interesting characters that have been part of my life!  That’s what Murakami has done to me…a transformation that only the ones who have read him know well.  Who hasn’t fallen in love with his characters and their painful loneliness?  Who hasn’t forgotten his own commitments and dove into his fantastic stories?  I always say that if you read him, you are part of a sect.  Part of the few privileged that can follow his reveries.

Well, last Friday I saw The Elephant Vanishes at the theater.  Directed by well-known Monique Gardenberg, the play is divided into 5 stories, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, Sleep, The Elephant Vanishes, The Kangaroo Communiqué and The Second Bakery Attack, all united by the topic Haruki very well explores in his books: loneliness and how we seek in ourselves the true meaning of life.  The play gives the audience a very good idea of what to expect when reading one of the stories.  Surrealism, magic realism, craziness, plus a very well visually produced aura that seems to work really fine and involve everybody.

“The Elephant Vanishes” or “O Desaparecimento do Elefante”
Teatro Paulo Autran – Sesc Pinheiros (Rua Paes Leme, 195 – Tel. 3095.9400)