Every time someone mentioned Ernest Hemingway, I kept thinking of The Old Man and the Sea, and although never read it, I just couldn’t imagine myself reading a story of an old man AND the sea.  What an idiot I was! Ernest Hemingway is one the most important writers of the 20th century, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954, had a life of adventures and committed suicide at the age of 61.  Another outsider who couldn’t bear life and all it brings along.  The fact that he had such an adventurous life, heavy drinking included, made him a person with beautiful stories to tell, marvelous prose and dialogues that really make you feel as if you were part of them.

Written from 1946 to 1961, The Garden of Eden was published posthumously.  I have to say it just turned my head following David Bourne and his sexy gorgeous wife through the Côte D’Azur.  Living a glamorous life full of martinis, Perrier, Pernod bottles, Côte D’Azur, the slow motion kind of living….slowly taking advantage of what the day brings…Hemingway introduces you to a world of lust, sensuality and games in which some don’t dare to enter, but some others, as my favorite character, Catherine, enter the gates of freedom with such grace and enthusiasm!  I keep thinking of love triangles, Catherine’s fascinating ideas of freedom, the tanned bodies and the sea…just imagining…The Garden of Eden is as if you were in paradise, enjoying every bit of sun and wind you could imagine in a place like that.

“Do you always get so hungry when you make love?”
“When you love somebody.”
“Drink Tavel, it is a great wine for people that are in love”, she said.
“What can there be that will not burn out in a fire that rages like that? We were happy and I am sure she was happy.  But who ever knows? And who are you to judge and who participated and who accepted the change and lived it?  If that is what she wants who are you not to wish her to have it?  You are lucky to have a wife like here and a sin is what you feel bad after and you don’t feel bad, he told himself, and what will you drink when the wine won’t cover for you?
“Do you always look at pictures as though you own them and were deciding how to have them re-hung properly?”
“They are strong,” David said.  “But there’s a strong wind today and we drink according to the wind.”