It’s been some time since I wanted to read this book, but as it is so difficult to find books in São Paulo, I had to wait forever to get the chance to bump into this jewel in the bookstore.  Not only did I bump into it, but I found it for the cheapest price I’ve ever seen in any bookstore in Brazil.  U$4.00.  When I saw the price, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I asked the saleswoman  if that was the price and she said yes, with a bit of jealousy, maybe for not having seen it before I did! Ha!

Reading VW is always a pleasure for me as I totally get into her trippy thoughts.  If I had lived in the Bloomsbury group days, I sure would have done EVERYTHING to be part of it, even if it meant to see them from afar.  Now, stop it Indra.  That was a very unique and close kind of “club”.  Ok, ok.  I would have certainly payed lots of attention to all their lectures, books, meetings…

I’ve just finished Jacob’s Room. What an extraordinary way of writing, of getting into people’s minds, of going from one season to the other, of making me feel every line of it as if I weres part of this stream of conciousness that I so adore in VW! I feel thankful. Thankful for being able to dive into her wonderful world of mesmerizing thoughts and lines. Thanks Virginia…one more time!

I am so ready to go to London now.  So looking forward to walk and feel her presence.  Virginia Woolf…here we come!

R$7,80 na Martins Fontes!

jacob's room